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Is your swamp cooler not working properly?

Our technicians will replace or repair swamp coolers that aren’t working correctly. If your unit isn’t working or is blowing hot air give us a call and we can come out and diagnose the problem.

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Trusted Evaporative Cooler Repair Technicians

When your evaporative cooler, commonly known as a swamp cooler, stops working correctly it can be frustrating, especially in the hot summer months. Our experienced technicians can quickly identify the problem and make the required repairs to your system. Your comfort is important to us, and we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Just like an air conditioning system, swamp coolers need preventative maintenance performed before every season. Often the system needs lubrication, pumps checked, wiring, and replacing of the swamp cooler pads. Our technicians can conduct preseason maintenance to ensure you are ready for the summer season.

Swamp Cooler Installation

If you are looking to either replace an existing unit or have a brand new one installed, we can help.  Swamp coolers can be a very efficient way to cool a home while saving on energy costs compared to an air conditioner. Additionally, in most cases purchasing a new swamp cooler can be cheaper than a new HVAC system.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a swamp cooler work?

Swamp coolers take the hot outside air which is then passed through the wet pads on a swamp cooler to produce cold air.  The cold air will then get pushed into the house via the swamp cooler vents.

How do I make a swamp cooler colder?

It is essential that you have your swamp cooler serviced before the start of the hot summer season. This will ensure that your system can run at maximum efficiency. You can also help the system work well by ensuring you have a window open at the other end of your house.  This helps make the cold air move through your home at a better rate.

Do swamp coolers use less energy than air conditioners?

Yes, compared to an HVAC system, you will save money on your monthly utility bills with lower energy usage. Plus, in most cases, installing a swamp cooler is less expensive compared to an air conditioning system.

Do evaporative coolers increase humidity?

Yes, evaporative coolers are great ways to lower the air temperature of a home as well as increase the humidity of the air.


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